Are Midilar products available?

Yes, the Midilar products are available on demand via email midilar.controller@gmail.com 

It takes 3-6 weeks for the fabrication of your customized controller. Once the controller is ready we ship it right away. 

What is the difference between Midilar nó, Midilar and Midilar Knots?

  • Midilar nó is a standalone MIDI controller available in two versions 48 and 63. The numbers is equal to total number of controls. You can find portfolio of customizable modules here.
  • Midilar is composed of modules in eurorack size. You can find portfolio of customizable modules here. For the Midilar you need to own eurorack case where you place a special Midilar busboard.
  • Midilar Knots is customizable MIDI module in eurorack format. Midilar Knots is special by possibility to add inputs and outputs for patchcables. By patching hardware cables you control virutal cables in VCV Rack. For more infromation check the video: https://youtu.be/mfxoyVzGbmc

What are the measurements of the Midilar products?

  • Midilar nó 48                                                                                                                        L x W  x H =  26,5 cm x 11 cm x 4 cm
  • Midilar nó 63                                                                                                                        L x W x H = 34 cm x 11 cm x 4 cm
  • Midilar                                                                                                                          Modules are in eurorack format with the width 5HP, 9HP, 10HP, 15HP and 20HP and 3 cm depth
  • Midilar Knots                                                                                                                        42 HP, 4 cm depth                  

Are the products USB powered?

Yes, all Midilar products are USB powered so you don't need any extra power source or power busboard. 

What software and DAWs are Midilar products compatible with?

Midilar products are compatible with softwares, DAWs, VSTs supporting MIDI mapping. For example Ableton Live, Bitwig, Reason, Logic, VCV Rack, Reaktor, Voltage modular etc.

Are DIY kits available?

Currently there are no DIY kits available.

How can I order Midilar products?

The ordering process starts with your email. If you are interested in Midilar products feel free to write us at midilar.controller@gmail.com and we will get back to you. Thank you.

How can I customize Midilar products?

You can customize every module before production. 

Imagine modules as a grid with empty cells where you can place different controls: knob, pushbutton (momentary), switch (latch). As an example, on module IV of Midilar nó you can place 4 knobs, or 4 pushbuttons, or 1 switch and 3 knobs, or 2 knobs and 2 pushbuttons etc.

Only faders have fixed position on modules.

What is the price of Midilar products?

The prices for each of Midilar products vary according to final configuration and choice of modules and system:

  • Midilar nó 48 and 63 - from 120€ 
  • Midilar - from 150€ .
  • Midilar Knots - from 120€  

What are the shipping methods available?

We ship worldwide through Slovak Post, mostly. The final price depends on destination country.

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